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Pradel Avocats offers a top-tier service in social security and OSH law.
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OSH Law.

Pradel Avocats represents and counsels firms present in the DJIA or CAC-40 indexes. Its competence is recognized by its peers. Pradel avocats is often officially consulted by the French state for advice regarding OSH law reforms.

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Sick leave abuse

French law makes it easier for an employee to fake illness at work. We find legal solutions when the situation takes an excessive extent, by engaging directly with social security services to discuss the issue.

Accidents at work and occupational diseases

30 years ago, Michel Pradel initiated original procedures to protect the interets of companies facing OSH matters. His methods made an significant impact on the French OSH administration. Today, Pradel Avocats finds itself at the spearhead of creativity and has some of the best results.

Liability for inexcusable conduct

We know security and prevention rules with great accuracy. This competence allows us, in any inexcusable conduct case, to deliver a maximum levely of technicality.


Social security law.

Our field of competence embraces the entire set of rules present in the social security code.

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Social taxes & controls

Our mastery of the reglementation allows us to deploy innovative defenses. Our opponents know they will be surprised.

Optional social welfare programs

We can help your organization during each step of the deployement, modification ou termination of optional social welfare programs.

MDs controls

We have an extensive experience when it comes to protecting MDs controlled by the French social security system. With a vigourous defense, we demand the administration to abide by the law.


Criminal labour law.

Pradel Avocats stands side-by-side with companies indicted after accidents at work or occupational diseases

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Criminal and administrative sanctions

We are known as reliable and credible interlocutors for work inspections and district attorneys. Our great number of case examined endows us with great legitimacy for us to speak in the name of companies.

Special criminal law

Thanks to our acute knowledge of OSH norms, we can tailor bespoke defenses. This allows us to make the most intricate norms clear for the court.

General criminal law

Employers and companies facing felony indictment can rely on our responsiveness and our reliability. Our clients know they can reach us in no time in emergency situations such as fatal accidents, suicides or sanitary crisis.


Social law.

Pradel Avocats puts its impeccable understanding of social law at the service of managers, HR directors and compliance officers of both major and medium-sized companies.

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Permanent hotline.

We can ensure a daily hotline to give specific answers to your interrogations related to HR management: employee's absence and return to work, disciplinary authority, termination of employment contracts.

Negociations with staff representatives

Pradel Avocats advises companies during negociations with staff representatives (Health and safety committees, delegates, workers' committee), especially with matters regarding OSH and worplace hazards prevention.

Relations with occupational medecine

Pradel Avocats helps HR manage personnel declared fit with reservation. The legal framework dedicated to this question has recently been reformed. Our firm was one the first to bring employer's claims, in the wake of this change.